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It's never been easier to save the planet and save your wallet.


1. CHECK if your roof qualifies. We’ll tell you if it has ample space or obstructions.

2. CONSULT for free. We’ll explain exactly how harvesting the sun can help you save.

3. INSTALL the hardware. Our staff will do all the work, for free.

We'll guarantee you won't pay more than your current electric bill.

White House Makes Major Solar Commitments

President Obama pledged to use the power of his phone and his pen to expand opportunity for all Americans.

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Governor Cuomo Signs NY Solar Incentives into Law

The new legislation includes statewide tax credits for leased solar systems and power purchase agreements...The tax credit would be available for up to 14 years with a maximum $5,000 for all years.

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"If I could fill my backyard with solar I would, that's how much I love it."


- CARL KROHN, Morristown NJ

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"Roof Diagnostics Solar was a win-win situation, I'm actually helping the environment and saving money"


- TERRY C., Neptune NJ

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Go Solar, Save Energy, Increase Home Value, Earn 200% Return

from Realty Times

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Study Shows Rooftop Solar Adds Thousands To Home Resale Values

by Silvio Marcacci, Clean Technica

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Study Finds Solar Panels Increase Home Values

by Felicity Barringer, The NY Times

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